Training Jui Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is not just a martial art. It’s not just a method of self – defense. I study Jui Jitsu because it allows me to escape into another realm of consciousness.  For one hour, almost every day, I put on the gi, and I learn this beautiful art.  When I’m training, my mind is “off” as most people would say, but for me its actually “on.”  Whatever stress or anxiety or concerns that have filled my head that day, they are removed entirely from my thoughts. I study the technique and practice it and repeat.  I then train, freely, flowing with my partner until submission or time stoppage.  I repeat that over and over and over.  When I am finished I am somewhat reborn. Those stresses and anxieties and conerns may still exist but their impact is reduced.  My approach to them may be clearer.

I then take these hours of mat time, training and learning and improving to competitions.  There is no greater adrenaline rush than standing across the mat from your opponent, man to man, ready to engage in a battle of strength, technique, speed and determination to win.

I would like to think one day I will master this sport, but that’s not possible.  So I will spend every day trying.

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