My most favorite picture

In Cinque Terre in July, 20 minutes early to board a train, my photographer captured this priceless moment.  It is now one of my most favorite pictures from all of my travels abroad.

Italians being Italian.

Italians being Italian.

Five Tips on Trekking Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

*Thanks to Marco Cortigiani for correcting the proper region (Liguria not Tuscany). The title has been updated. 

This article appears in its entirety here on the Exploration Travel Magazine.

 Editor’s Note: Ryan Danz of Amazing Race 21 recently spent nearly a month in Europe going hither and yon, beginning with his Running of the Bulls in Spain.  He’s being gracious enough to share with our readers more of his trip.  Below the article is a slideshow of some of his photos, those not included in the article.

Ryan Danz – The infamous five (“Cinque”) fishing villages (“Terre”) adorning the Italian coast is no longer Italy’s best kept secret since the early 1990’s.[1]  The past two decades has left the hiking trails connecting the villages well-traveled and the trademark homes and buildings well photographed.  But after devastating mudslides in 2011 to the villages of Monterosso and Vernazza and near total destruction of the coastline and its inhabitants, the settlements and its trademark views are almost back to their eye-popping colorful, quaint, picturesque selves. Almost.


Corniglia. View from the hiking trail. Photo credit: ceaphotography 2013. All rights reserved.

Corniglia. View from the hiking trail. Photo credit: Claire Anton 2013. All rights reserved.