Modes of Transportation – Pick one, any one.

How’s this for multi modes of transportation in one day? At 6:30am I rode a bike to a local café in Marina di Pisa (Italy) to print out a boarding pass. I then dropped the bike at a friends flat, walked to the bus station where I took a 20 minute ride from the beach to the central part of the town of Pisa. I caught a second bus which took me all of 10 minutes to the Pisa airport. Arriving at 8:00am I waited for my first Ryan Air flight (a common EU based air carrier that operates close to dirt cheap). By 10:05am I was in air, destination Madrid, Spain. Arriving at Madrid aeropuerto I took a bus to get from the international terminal to terminal 4 which is where I would catch the metro to the more central train station (Madrid Chamartin). When I say I caught the metro, I should clarify as it was actually 3 separate metros – all of which totaled about 1 hr. Arriving at Chamartin station I realized that instead of printing out my train ticket for my upcoming trip to San Sebastian (north coastal Spain) I thought my iPhone screen shot would suffice. It would not. So I booked it on foot out of the station to a handful of different internet cafes in an attempt to find one that had a printer and access to US Gmail. No luck. I then headed back to Chamartin station and found the Eurail customer service office. My dilemma; the train to San Sebastian was sold out, the ticket I purchased was through a third party vendor and therefore my reservation was not showing up in the Eurail syatem. I also paid 120$ for the ticket and another $120 for a room for the night in San Sebastian. Not being able to go would be slightly annoying.  Also, I had a ticket the next day from san Sebastian to Pamplona that also cost me about $30. This was turning out to be an expensive little oversight on my part.


A very nice Spaniard at the customer service office allowed me to access my email, and not only print out the pass for todays ride (Madrid to San Sebastian – 5hrs) but also the next days pass (San Sebastian to Pamplona) and then a third pass only a few days later (Pamplona back to Madrid). As far as vast array of transportation modes go, I have yet to ride in a cab today but that shouldn’t be a problem once I arrive in San Sebastian. I also realize San Sebastian is a coastal city so if I can commandeer a ship then I will have land, air and sea all covered in one day. So to recap, one bike, two buses, one plane, four trains, foot, and the chances of ship/sail, while not high, cannot be ruled out. I will update if I can best the quintella I have already reached. Also, none of this includes the SFO to JFK to LON to PSA and twenty-four hours of various travel means just to get to Italy the day before yesterday in the first place. Yes, I am tired.