Winners Announced in the Eighth Annual Solas Awards – Travel Writing

Last summer I was fortunate enough to partner with Exploration Travel Magazine and cover three distinct adventures abroad (“Running with the Bulls”, “Hiking Cinque Terre”, “2 days 2 nights in Budapest”) for their online magazine.  Each of those writings was reviewed and selected for publication in the digital magazine. Then as is the way of the travel writing world, one was so widely read that it got the attention of the well-known Travel Writing committee (Solas) and was nominated for a Solas award last Fall. This past Friday night I learned it was awarded a Bronze Solas Travel Writer Award for the category “Travel & Sports”.

The article (read here:) “Running with the Bulls with Ryan Danz of Amazing Race” generated something like 20k views in one month.  It was a diary-like testimony of my account of Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

I am looking forward to continuing my travels and adventures and being recognized by Solas certainly gives me the confidence to continue my writing as well.  Thank you as always.

List of winners here:



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