One thought on “Season 23: Episode 7

  1. I watched the podcast, and noticed how strongly you dislike the “Afghanimals” yet like the “Bunnies”.
    It’s funny, because on one hand, if I were considering these two teams in real life, I would whole-heartedly agree with you. I would find the “Bunnies” sweet, nice and likable while the “Afghanimals” – annoying, ill-mannered and nauseatingly weird. I would not mind having a drink with the “Bunnies”, but would most likely decline an all-expenses paid trip if my travel companions happen to be the “Afghanimals.”
    But! It is just the opposite for me when I watch it all on TV.
    As a viewer, I want to be entertained, I do not want the show to be a digital equivalent of Ambien.
    Fair or not, but on the show “sweet and nice” rarely equal entertaining. And I find the “Bunnies” utterly boring and uninteresting. They have absolutely nothing that would distinguish them from a general crowd.
    And let’s be honest – this season the whole cast (or at least whatever is currently left of it) is boring. At least the “Afghanimals” provide some kind of spice. Maybe not the most delicious spice. But spicy beats bland anytime in my books :)

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