Literary Panel Q&A with First Time Author: Ryan Danz (Video 2)

This series of videos is taken from the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco (August 2013) in which a panel of distinguished persons and me, in the literary world came together to offer their insight on the authoring, representation, publishing and marketing process.  The panel includes renowned literary agent Elizabeth Larsen  (Larsen-Pomada), executive editor Nancy Hancock (at Publishing house HarperCollins), first time author Ryan Danz (Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence) and the panel’s moderator executive editor Jon Malysiak (Flagship imprint of ABA Publishing). 

The questions being asked:

Q1: How did you get a book deal?

A1: Short answer, the exposure from being on The Amazing Race combined with popular blog (and background in law and jiu jitsu) led Flagship executive editor to reach out and inquire about exploring potential for submitting formal proposal.

Q2: What was the writing time/process like on a day-to-day basis?

A2: Short answer, 4-5hrs nearly every day.  1/2 the book, home office, Lake Tahoe cabin.  1/2 the book at Starbucks, Solana Beach.