The Chapbook

I took a call with my publisher, editor and production design team recently regarding the upcoming marketing and next steps for the book. Most of it went over my head as a new author.  I had never heard of chapbook, book plates, cover and flap copy, ARC (advanced reader copies), galleys, periodical reviews and blitzes before, so the purpose of the call was to get me familiar with those concepts and begin discussing dates and to-do’s.  Well, I have heard of ARC’s actually because I had to draft a list of 25 well-deserving people that would receive such a copy.  That list along with accompanying physical addresses and emails reads like a whos-who of daytime and reality tv mixed with the best jiu jitsu practitioners in the world. Bom dia.

I’ll try to address each of these in upcoming blog posts because they are inherently interesting to the authoring and publishing process and something I find value in sharing with my readers. I hope you’ll agree.

By definition a chapbook is a pocket-sized notebook and are used today to preview a to-be-released book to a select number of recipients.  If books were movies, then chapbooks would be the coming attractions.  So my editor has sent me the following email to capture our plan of attack on the chapbook for Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence.

Marketing Next Steps:

1)      Chapbook – I will be working with Sandy and Nick in production to design a  chapbook using the chapter on Jiu Jitsu and the lawyer’s mind. The chapbook will be distributed to all attendees of the publishing panel discussion at Annual on Saturday, August 10th. My goal is to get the chapter as closely copyedited as possible to send over to Nick by tomorrow. The chapbook files (text and cover) need to be ready to ship to the printer on or before Friday July 12th. As per Sonali’s suggestion, I have asked Sandy to provide an e-pub file version of the chapbook to be made available on Amazon as a free download.

At this point we have gone back and forth on two chapters (4 & 5) that are best suited for the chapbook.  I like 4, he likes 5.  4 deals with the Lawyer’s mind vs the Jiu Jitsu Mind and Chapter 5 is about the emotional benefits of Jiu Jitsu.

Verdict: Chapter 4 wins. Not because I’m the author but because we both agreed as a stand alone piece of material, it just reads better. Chapter 5 is also one of my favorite chapters, but as a stand alone it doesn’t start very powerfully.

This is an exciting and important part of the publishing process and one that I thought engaging those close to me would like to be kept abreast of.

Jiu-Jitsu chap book


Oh, and I just received a copy of the foreword from one of the most respected Jiu Jitsu professors, practitioners and people in the world. I am beyond words which is a first for me.  If there’s truth to the notion that testimonials and forewords help sell books, then Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence has a chance to be ground breaking in its category.  I will share more when the timing is right.


Training Jui Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is not just a martial art. It’s not just a method of self – defense. I study Jui Jitsu because it allows me to escape into another realm of consciousness.  For one hour, almost every day, I put on the gi, and I learn this beautiful art.  When I’m training, my mind is “off” as most people would say, but for me its actually “on.”  Whatever stress or anxiety or concerns that have filled my head that day, they are removed entirely from my thoughts. I study the technique and practice it and repeat.  I then train, freely, flowing with my partner until submission or time stoppage.  I repeat that over and over and over.  When I am finished I am somewhat reborn. Those stresses and anxieties and conerns may still exist but their impact is reduced.  My approach to them may be clearer.

I then take these hours of mat time, training and learning and improving to competitions.  There is no greater adrenaline rush than standing across the mat from your opponent, man to man, ready to engage in a battle of strength, technique, speed and determination to win.

I would like to think one day I will master this sport, but that’s not possible.  So I will spend every day trying.

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