Literary Panel Q&A with First Time Author: Ryan Danz (Video 1)

Starting today I will begin running a weekly (or more frequent) video installment from the Q&A from the Authors Symposium that took place in San Francisco, CA in August 2013.  This is installment #1.

This series of videos is taken from the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco (August 2013) in which a panel of distinguished persons and me, in the literary world came together to offer their insight on the publishing process.  The panel includes renowned literary agent Elizabeth Larsen  (Larsen-Pomada), executive editor Nancy Hancock (at Publishing house HarperCollins), first time author Ryan Danz (Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence) and the panel’s moderator, executive editor Jon Malysiak (Flagship imprint of ABA Publishing). 

The question being responded to: “What was your biggest struggle in the authoring process?”


Q: What was your biggest struggle in the authoring process?

A: In a few words, trying to keep my ‘voice’ for 60,000-70,000 words. Even with technical content. Especially with technical content.


Starting a New Business

I’ve had the good fortune of forming and branding and operating a globally recognized and well reputed financial services firm.  With employees and a business partner that thoroughly understand and embrace our and their needs, the company has thrived since 2008.  In that time I have come across little nuggets of wisdom, usually learned through a failure on some level. Of course success has been rewarding and I embrace success more than failure (who doesn’t?) but it was those failures that have opened my eyes and guided our development as a company.

In the coming year I am excited about the launch of two new businesses. I will rely heavily on my own experiences with the financial services firm in order to pave a similar, and hopefully even more profitable path.  I am looking forward to sharing some of those moments of success and times of failure and their lessons with you.